How many websites can be backed up simultaneously?

A quick note on the concept 'Grouping websites based on IP's'
The focus of this concept is minimizing the resource consumption on your server

Without IP Grouping, when you have a bunch of websites on your server and you have scheduled all of them to backup at 12:00 AM, the server will blindly start pinging all of your websites. This might be okay if you have 1 or 2 websites but if you have 10 websites on the same server, backing up all of them simultaneously will be a real pain thus spiking your server usage leading to a downtime and cause a spike in your server Admin's blood pressure ;)

With IP Grouping, WPTC groups websites from the same server. It smartly backs up just the amount of websites that your server can handle and the rest will be queued. Once the initial set of websites complete backing up, the next website in queue will start backing up. Resource utilization will be at a minimum since all of the websites will be backed up without spiking your server usage and it will be a lifesaver for you and your server admin!

You can backup a maximum of 10 websites per IP( per server) at any given time. If you have more than 10 websites on the same server, these will be added to the queue and once a website completes backup the next websites will be added to the queue. 

If you have split your websites across multiple servers, then a maximum of 10 websites per server can be backed up and the remaining will be added to the queue. This value can be reduced based on how much your server can handle and it can be done from your WP Time Capsule dashboard which can be accessed in the Settings tab here.

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