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How do I stage my WordPress site?

Step 1: Click on Staging under the WP Time Capsule Menu. On the Staging area, you will see an option Stage on the same server and I'm going with the recommended option.

Step 2: You will be presented with the screen where you could enter the staging path of your staging site. Enter it and click on Start Staging.

Step 3: This initiates the staging process. You can wait for the staging to complete.

Note: If you choose to abort the staging midway, you could click on Stop and clear Staging.

Step 4:
This completes the staging process.

In future, if you want to replicate the changes on your live site to the staging site, click on Copy site from live to stage by going to the Staging submenu.

Clicking on Copy site from live to stage will show the below pop-up. Click on Yes, COPY and the live site will again be copied to the staging site.
Note: If you want to disable login check for all the staging sites you can simply uncheck disable admin login under Settings -> Staging.

Note: WP sites hosted on do not support staging by WPTimeCapsule.

Once the staging site is created, login to your Staging WordPress site dashboard and go to Settings -> Permalink.

Here make sure that the settings of your permalink are set up correctly.

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