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How can I add a new site using an existing Google Drive token?

Note: You will only see this option after adding 5 WordPress sites. 

Google has a limit on the number of tokens to be issued per app.
Every time you add a new site, a fresh token is issued per site for WPTC.

Eventually, the token limit gets exhausted and access to the sites that were added first start getting revoked.
Hence Google allows users to re-use existing tokens as long as they are used within the same app.

Here's how you can take advantage of this and add unlimited sites to be backed up to your Google Drive account:

Step 1: Go to WP Time Capsule -> Settings -> Google Drive Refresh Token and copy the token.
Please note that this token will be available on a site that you have already authenticated to Google Drive via WPTC.

Step 2: Login to the site that you want to backup to Google Drive. Go through the initial setup process till you reach the Connect your Storage App screen.
You can follow the steps in the following link till Step 6:

Step 3: Paste the token when you arrive on the below screen and Authenticate the token.

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