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What you can do with your WPTC restore logs?

While restoring a site, few files wouldn't be able to get downloaded on your WordPress site root folders. 

Also, a few queries will not be executed successfully while restoring the Database for some reasons.
To complete the restore process successfully, WPTC will skip those files & queries and log those details on the below mentioned folder.

Files failed to download

The files which failed to download will be logged in a file named as hash-wptc-secret.txt inside the wptc-restore-logs folder.
The log file will contain the list of files which failed to download along with the error message.


error : cannot move file due to file permission. 
file : /home/akilesh/public_html/wptc9/wp-content/plugins/theme-check/checks/navmenu.php  

error : cannot create folder due to file permission 
file : /home/akilesh/public_html/wptc9/wp-content/assets

What can you do with the files which failed to download?
If you can fix the issues, then try fixing the issue and restore the site again.
Or if those files are not necessary then you can skip those files on the logs.

Queries failed to execute

Queries which have been unable to execute will be recorded in a file named as hash-wptc-secret.sql inside the wptc-restore-logs folder
You can manually import this SQL file to PHPMyAdmin and fix those warnings manually.

Note: These log files will be deleted automatically once the new restore process is started.

If you are not sure about what to do with the restore logs, feel free to write to us on
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