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How to exclude or include the files from Backup

Include / Exclude content

Folders and Files

By default, we are excluding a few files/folders. Kindly check the list of excluded files/folder here.
Here, you can include or exclude any files on your WordPress site.

Exclude files of these extensions

By default, these extensions will be excluded in your backups for any newly added site.
.zip, .mp4, .mp3, .avi, .mov, .mpg, .pdf, .log, .DS_Store, .git, .gitignore, .gitmodules, .svn, .dropbox, .sass-cache
You can add or remove the extensions here.

Exclude any files more than

You can specify a value here. So WPTC plugin will not include the files which exceed the file size mentioned here.


Include table

You can include an excluded table to your WPTC backup.

Exclude content

If you want to exclude any table from your WPTC backup, we recommend you to use this option.
Using this option you can backup the structure of that particular table by excluding the content.

Exclude table

Using this option, you can exclude the entire table from your WPTC backup

Analyze tables

Brings the all tables more than 100MB, you can make actions like exclude content or exclude the table

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