How to Decrypt database backup file when you manually download from your cloud

WPTC plugin will encrypt the Database backup file and upload to your Cloud storage. So when you initiate the restore process from your WPTC plugin calendar page or from your WPTC bridge, the database backup file will be decrypted automatically.

What happens when you manually download the backup file from your cloud?
In this case, you need to decrypt the encrypted database backup by yourself manually.

The encrypted file will be saved with the extension .crypt. After downloading the database backup file from your cloud storage, go to Settings -> Advanced -> Manually decrypt a database backup file

  1. Select the .crypt file 
  2. Enter the decryption key (You can find the key under Settings -> Backups -> Database Encryption Phrase)
  3. Hit the Decrypt button

Once the file is decrypted, you can download the file as shown in the screenshot below. Also, after downloading the file make sure that you are deleting the file for security reason.

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