How to perform updates on your Staging site?

No more broken websites, no more worrisome restores, no more hassles of getting in touch with your host.
With the help of the staging site, you can test the updates on your Staging before applying them to your Live WordPress site.

Let's see how to make use of this feature. Say that you have an update for Akismet and you want to update the plugin on your staging site.
  • First create a staging site and make sure the staging site works.
  • Go to the Updates page and select the plugin. Then Click Update in Staging.
  • Now, you will get the below two options.

    Stage and Update: This will create a new staging site (If staging site already exists, it will be overwritten) and update the plugin on your staging.
    Update in Staging: This will perform the update on your existing staging site. 

Click Yes to confirm the update. WPTC will perform the update on the background and will update you once the update is done on staging site

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