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How are backups taken?

Each file and the database are individually uploaded to the cloud. After the first full backup is taken, every change made to files and database will be maintained as revisions.

How does restore work?

Once the full backup is completed, every change that is backed up is a restore point. We keep a snapshot of all changes made in the last 30 days. You can restore the site back to any point within that period.
During a restore, we compare the snapshot of the day you want to restore to with the current state of the live site and sync files and DB accordingly.

How frequently are backups taken?

Changes are monitored in real-time and backed up every one hour to your cloud. You could also change the schedule to every 6 or 12 or 24 hours in the WPTC plugin Settings page.

How many days’ worth backups will be available?

Changes during the last 30 days are available for restore. Changes older than 30 days are deleted.

I accidentally closed the browser tab during restore. Will the restore happen in the background?

No. The restore would have been paused. You would have received an email with a link to resume the restore from where it left off.

My website is down. How can I restore from the backup in my cloud app?

See this article - Restoring a website that is down

Does WPTC supports multisite installations?

Yes. WPTC supports multisite installations. Backups will be taken as a whole, including child sites and main sites, but restore can be done for individual child sites also. 

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