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With WPTimeCapsule it is now possible to backup a WordPress site to Backblaze B2 cloud storage.

Go to and signup for a free trial account and install WPTimeCapsule plugin on your Wordpress site.

Now activate the plugin, you will be prompted to login to the WPTimeCapsule account.

After login, Select the Backblaze B2 on the cloud storage fiels and follow the steps below to get the Backblaze keys and start the backup.

  1. Please sign in to your Backblaze account here. and create a new bucket.

  2. Go to App Keys > Copy the KeyID > Click on the Add a New Application Key.

  3. Paste the copied KeyID and select the specific bucket from the list and click on the Create New Key button.

  4. Note this KeyID and ApplicationKey which you need to enter on the WPTC plugin intital setup page.

  5. Enter the KeyID and Application Key noted on the above step on your WordPress site's WPTC plugin configuration page, make sure that you are entering the correct bucket name and selecting the correct bucket region.

6. After saving the keys, the backup will start automatically in the next step.
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