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How to restore your site if the database is not deleted but the site is down

With WPTC plugin you can restore your WordPress site in few clicks.

What happens when you lose access to your wp-admin page?
You just need to upload the WPTC Bridge file to your WP root folder.
Now you should be able to select the restore points to which want to restore the site.

  • Download the bridge file from here (Download bridge package).
  • Upload the bridge file (.zip file) to the root folder of your WordPress site (If doesn't matter even if the WP site is deleted completely and the folder is empty).
  • Extract the zip file there on the root folder.
  • Visit the folder on your browser (eg. and click Load Restore Points

Now, you should be able to access the restore points using the WPTC bridge file.

Select the Restore point which you want to restore.

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