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How to migrate a site to another hosting using WPTC

Now, you can use WPTC plugin version 1.18.0 and above to migrate your WordPress site to another server. Kindly follow the instructions.

  • Please download and extract bridge file on to the Wordpress root folder on your new hosting. (Click this link to download the bridge file for plugin version > 1.18.0)
  • Now visit the path /wp-tcapsule-bridge on your new location and enter the custom database details and click load restore points. Then download and import the metafile.(Go to your Cloud Storage(Dropbox / Amazon S3 / Google Drive). Open the Folder WP Time Capsule -> your site -> wp-content -> Uploads -> tCapsule -> Backups.
    Here you can find the file suffix with *******wptc_meta.sql.gz)

  • Upon importing the metafile, you will see the migration settings as shown in the screenshot below.
  • By default, the replace links will be checked, and if you want to migrate your site to a new domain name, you can enter your new site URL here.
  • Then choose the restore point to migrate your site to a new location.
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