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All CollectionsGetting Startedhow to migrate or clone a site using backups

Step 1: Go to and login

Step 2: Select Migrate on any one of the site settings as shown in the image below.

Step 3: Then enter the FTP details and Click Upload bridge as shown in the image below

Step 4:

Now visit the path /wp-tcapsule-bridge on your new location ( enter the custom database details and click load restore points. 

Step 5: 

Download metafile.(Go to your Cloud Storage(Dropbox / Amazon S3 / Google Drive). Open the Folder WP Time Capsule -> your site -> wp-content -> Uploads -> tCapsule -> Backups.

Here you can find the file suffix with *******wptc_meta.sql.gz)

Step 6:

Cick Upload meta FIle as shown in the image below and upload the meta file download in the previous step.

Step 7:

Now select your desired restore point to perform migration from the backup.


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