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Restoring a website that is down


How to restore your site if the database is deleted

Enabling FTP / SFTP or changing file permissions for Restoring your backup

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how to fix internal staging failures

Whitelisting our IP in WP-SPAMSHEILD

Can I take a manual or an on-demand backup?

Backup is stuck at Syncing Database

Allowed daily CPU seconds notice from webhost

Why does plugins/themes fail to update?

Editing wp-config.php file

How to restore the database alone from the backup on cloud storage manually without bridge

What you can do with your WPTC restore logs?

What does the error Operation-timed-out-after-number-milliseconds-with-0-bytes-received-mean

how to setup properly when WPML plugin in installed

Staging site error

staging, staging error, troubleshooting staging

White label not working

where is the meta sql file located

How to delete query recorder table

WPTC query recorder table is big

How to Fix WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode

Realtime query recorder table is big in size