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Getting Started

How to push the changes from staging site to your production site?

How to migrate a site to another hosting using WPTC

How to exclude or include the files from Backup

How to Decrypt database backup file when you manually download from your cloud

How to enable more than 30 days restore points

How do I Exclude / Include Files

How to encrypt your WPTC Datbase backup file

how to include exclude files in creating or copying staging site

How does realtime backup works

How to restore your site if the database is not deleted


How to add many sites on wptc

How to set up wasabi backups

how to migrate or clone a site using backups

Data Retension time and revisions

Information about cloud storage prociders and their data retention time and revisions

How to set up Backblaze storage in WPTC

How to install WPTC on your WordPress site

How to backup WordPress site to backblaze


How to migrate one WordPress site to another WordPress site with WP Admin Access

clone, cloning, migrate, migration

Update plugins without backup